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Learn the tips, tricks and tutorials of how you can improve your website and make special customization on them without hiring programmer or webmaster. This newsletter will be offered 100% free to join and you can have a chance to submit your website technical questions for free.

"All The Tutorials Will Be Archived On This Website And
You Can Access Them At Anytime You Want For Free"

What kind of content will be shared in this newsletter?

In this newsletter, you will not only to learn about customize webpage, but also other internet tools technical tricks and many more that related to the internet.

Here are some of the information you will receive in this newsletter:

  • How to change your submit button into an image

  • How to use Google Optimizer for your webpage split testing

  • How to use FTP software

  • How to export your AWeber subscriber list

  • How to prevent spam comment in your Wordpress blog

  • How to make your Google or YouTube video autoplay

  • How to create PHP redirect script

  • How to setup lightbox popup for free without buy any software

  • How to block search engine to index your webpage

  • How to improve your search engine ranking

  • and many more...

There are so many to list down here and I will be sharing whatever I knew and new discoveries of tricks in this newsletter.

Remember, I will archive all the tutorials on this website and you can access them at anytime anywhere you want or when you need it.

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P.S. Seriously, just register your name and email address. You will be notified by email whenever I have learned or discovered a new skill. Plus, I will archive all the tutorials on this website and you can access them for free at anytime you want to.


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